How it works - Consumers

Only five easy steps to get the best energy deal

1. Sign up for free and create an account

Whether you are an individual or a company you can register and post a request for an offer. If you want to use additional features, you can choose one of Energy Premier's packages.

2. Create or join a group request

When you create your request, it is necessary that you input correct data about your meter point and choose the commercial option you want. You can always choose to create an individual request, a group request or choose to join an existing group request. Group requests give higher chances for better offers from suppliers.

3. Receive notifications for created bids

All the suppliers will get the same request and they can choose to apply or not. You will always know how many suppliers chose to participate in the bidding process, and what the best price is that you can get according to your request on the date you set as final for getting an offer.

4. Check and review offers you received

On the day of the deadline you set for obtaining an offer you will know which price is the best based on the input from your request. You won’t see which supplier offered exactly which price, but you will know what the best price is. In the process of bidding, each supplier is represented by a generated code.

5. Sign the offer and make a deal with your future supplier

Two minutes after the last offer, the bidding process is automatically closed and a report with all the information about the request and the supplier that offered the best price will be sent to all participants of the bidding process, including the requester. The supplier who won then needs to send the complete documentation to the requester for signing.

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