How it works - Suppliers

Only five simple steps to contracts with consumers

1. Sign up for free and create an account

Every licensed supplier of electric energy can register for free and get requests on which the supplier can bid. Depending on supplier's needs there is a possibility to choose one of the advanced packages that Energy Premier offers.

2. Check available requests created by consumers

An administrator selected by the supplier decides whether the supplier will participate in the bidding for an offer. In case he or she decides to participate, that request is automatically allocated to the trader authorized for such types of requests. The administrator provides the minimum and the maximum price with which the supplier is willing to participate.

3. Manage traders who bid for requests

After suppliers’ confirmation to participate in the bidding process, they can create one or more traders in their profile that can be segmented by categories and these traders will participate with the offer for particular requests. Suppliers can define the minimum and the maximum bid limit for each trader and each request. Traders are responsible for following the requests they got the authorization for and they bid together with other suppliers.

4. Check your successful bids

Traders participate in the bidding process on a specific date from 11 am to 2 pm. If someone offers the last price two minutes before the deadline the bidding process will be prolonged until it has been more than two minutes since the last offer. Traders and consumers can see the last offer with the best price, but they cannot see which supplier offered it.

5. Make deals with consumers

When the last two minutes expire, the bidding process is automatically closed and a decision report is generated containing the data about the request, the suppliers that participated and their best prices. Such a decision report is sent to all participants in the bidding process and to the requester. The supplier that won then needs to send the complete documentation to the requester for signing.

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