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We are Energy Pioneers

Exactly so – pioneers who want to change the way of buying and selling energy to final customers. Due to many years of experience with energy retailing, we’ve seen all the benefits but also the downsides of energy trade, and because of that we have created an innovative system that benefits both suppliers of electricity and final consumers.

We live in a time when technology makes giant improvements to our lives and the way we do business, so we need to keep up with its relentless evolving. Change of trends in the energy market and technological models are the main reasons for the emergence of Energy Premier. The implementation of all these changes on one unique platform allows participants to do their job in the best possible way.

Suppliers have the ability to make deals at the best prices and balance their portfolio of consumption. On the other hand, in very short time, consumers can get the best contract and price according to their needs.

With evidence to prove it, we have courage to say that We are energy pioneers, redefining the way retail energy power is bought and sold across the world!
We are a dedicated team of professionals with a combined experience of wholesale and retail and the latest digital technologies to boot.

We provide our clients, suppliers and customers with a number of comprehensive solutions and services - asset management, consumption management, sales energy management, balancing and risk management.

Energy Premier About

Innovations run our behavior

Our goal defines us as a company and as individuals who promote a different business framework which is based on creating value for all participants - our team, our clients, and the society in which we operate.

Our core values remain the essence of our business and they have always been at the heart of Energy Premier. We are constantly striving for creating a unique, diverse and dynamic culture of our values and we always promote:

  • Innovation of our services
  • Change and acceleration in development
  • Launching ideas to realization
  • Providing values for our clients
  • Creating an ideal environment for the progress of our employees

Simple as that, Energy Premier wants to be your reliable partner through the purchase of electricity and ensure that the decision you have made is the best solution for you!

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