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No, the registration is free. After the registration, the supplier also has the option to choose one of additional packages for more advanced benefits and services that Energy Premier offers to its clients.
A licensed supplier first has to register on the Energy Premier platform. After the registration, our administrative team checks all the information the supplier provided during the registration including the supplier's energy license. If all the information is valid the supplier becomes a member of the Energy Premier platform. The supplier can choose one of the additional packages that Energy Premier offers for more advantages.
Suppliers check in on each public request if they want to participate in the bidding process for giving an offer. The supplier that offers the lowest price in the bidding process two minutes after the last offer, becomes the winner and the future supplier of the consumer that sent the request for that specific offer.
The supplier who offers the lowest price during the bidding process can withdraw from concluding the agreement with the consumer who sent a certain request, but in that case the supplier needs to pay a compensation for canceling energy supply. That penalty is defined in the General Terms of Use.
The price of electricity in the invoice is the winning price of the bidding process with other suppliers and this is the price stated in the contract signed by the supplier and the consumer.
Yes, a supplier has access to all information of the person who published a certain request. Moreover, a supplier can see all the relevant information about the company - year of establishment, number of employees, annual turnover, the owner, general manager, etc.
All registered suppliers have their own account with access to the dashboard containing all information about active requests for an offer, previous bidding, etc.
Neither suppliers nor consumers can see other suppliers’ prices for a certain request. Prices appear in front of the automatically generated codes that represent suppliers who participate in the bidding process. Therefore, suppliers and consumers see how many other suppliers are participating in the bidding but not the prices they have offered. At the end of the bidding, the consumer is informed about the best price and the supplier about who won in the bidding process.
A decision report is generated and it contains all the data about the supplier who won in the bidding process and the winning price. Such a report with instructions for concluding the contract is sent to the supplier and the consumer. After signing the contract, the consumer can access the process of changing the energy supplier.


No, registration is free. After the registration, the consumer also has the option to choose one of the additional packages for more advanced benefits and services that Energy Premier offers to its clients.
Yes, individuals and legal entities can register for free. After submitting the necessary data, our administrative team confirms the registration if all the information is valid. Then the consumers can choose one of the additional packages that Energy Premier offers for obtaining even more benefits.
Consumers create a request for an offer by filling out all necessary information on their Dashboard (request type, agreement information, meter point information, payment type, bidding date, starting price, etc.), After that, the consumer's request will be sent to all registered suppliers who will bid for that particular request.
Each consumer who concludes the agreement with any licensed and registered supplier of electricity in the Republic of Serbia, cannot remain without electricity if properly provides compensation for the electricity claim. In case of not settling the bill, the current supplier has the right to require suspension of electricity delivery from EPS Distribution. When do consumers switch to back-up electricity supply? Consumers switch to back-up electricity supply only if: • they did not sign the agreement for commercial supply 60 days after that situation, which is the limit • the signed agreement has expired but not resigned, or the other one has not been concluded at all. • the current supplier has lost the license for electricity supply. What is the risk of back-up supply for the consumer? If the consumer switches to back-up electricity supply, they will pay about 20 euros per MWh more until switching to another supplier, and that can be done within 60 days. What does this calculation look like? For example, if a consumer spends 215 MWh on a monthly basis, they owe about 16000 euros to the supplier, which means when the moment of payment is due (20th day in the month for the previous month), this consumer will owe about 32000 euros to the supplier. If the supplier loses the license, the consumer will owe the supplier 16,000 euros minimum or one monthly bill. The consumer will not remain without electricity supply, but will be switched to back-up supply. Furthermore, the consumer will be obligated to pay about 140 euros more per day to the back-up supplier. The moment after the expiration of the 60 days’ limit, the consumer owes the supplier 16000 euros, and if the consumer switched to back-up supply they would spend 8400 euros more than the previously agreed price. To conclude, there is no risk of additional costs for the consumer if there is a provision in the electricity supply agreement stating the supplier’s consent that in the event of consumer’s switching to the back-up electricity supply due to the loss of the supplier's license, the consumer has the right to reduce the final bill by the difference between the agreed price and the price of back- up supply. The current Energy Law and additional regulations which regulate this matter are applied by the public company - Electro Network of Serbia.
With this way of purchase, consumers can be sure that they will buy electricity in the most transparent manner and that the entire procurement process will be objectively and realistically processed according to criteria predefined by consumers. Therefore, consumers will certainly get the most favorable price on the electricity market in real time.
In addition to the most favorable electricity price, one of the benefits is saving time necessary for negotiations with many suppliers. Standard purchase requires consumers to spend a few weeks just preparing the request for energy supply, organizing meetings with suppliers, analyzing offers, etc. On the other hand, purchase on the Energy Premier platform does not require more than 60 seconds to define and create a request and you will always rest assure that you are getting the best price. Moreover, all corrupt activities during the purchase of electricity are eliminated.
All consumers receive an invoice according to the defined structure of the request created by themselves. In addition to the amount of electricity, the invoice includes other expenses, which are components of electricity invoices. These invoices are defined by the law.
Yes, consumers can create one bidding request with several meter points if they are owned by the same natural or legal entity.
After the bidding process, the consumer needs to sign the contract with the supplier who won in the bidding for an offer with the lowest price. Signing the contract is the precondition for launching the official procedure of supplier change. That procedure takes maximum 21 days.
The minimum period for the purchase of electricity is 30 days and the maximum is 3 years.
All consumers have their own account with a dashboard displaying all the information about active requests, status of successful requests, previous requests, electricity bills etc.
Consumers can publish a request for an offer during the active contract with a specific supplier and it will be valid after its expiration or during the validity period of active contracts if there are any contractual provisions for the termination of the previous contract.


Trader is a person authorized by the supplier. Trader is responsible for participating in the bidding auction - giving the price for MWH for a specific consumer's request.
Supplier can assign more than one trader. The number of traders depends on the chosen package of the Energy Premier platform.

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